Attention in VR

Virtual Reality and 360 storytelling is a field full of innovators. They are no set boundaries and most creators are figuring out innovative rules as they go. This makes the medium exciting but at the same time a little frustrating as there are no set rules for what works in VR and what doesn’t. One major challenge in VR content creation is directing user attention.

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What Necessitates Analytics for VR

Analytics for any industry plays an important role in every aspect of their operations. Similar is the case with VR. Analytics in VR will let developers improve their content, marketers increase reach, companies sell better and everyone else make data backed decisions.

Data is necessary to fuel the growth of VR. Because VR is so immersive and revolutionary in its applications, any design decision that is made by its developers can have both great and devastating effects. VR development is a time consuming and complex process. Any lapses on that front can be costly and lead to a bad taste for the users. That is why it necessitates the use of data to allow its developers to make data backed decisions.

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